Divine Infusions

I have straddled the worlds of western medicine and holistic health most of my life. As a child, I saw an Illinois allergist for many years who helped me with desensitization shots for my chronic multiple allergies. When I was 18, doctors in Venice, Italy, saved my life when my appendix burst on a trip with a student group. As an adult, I began to gravitate to alternative remedies like herbs, as well as acupuncture, chiropractic, homeopathy, massage, and meditation. I became an organic vegetarian. I continued to see my very supportive primary care physician for yearly checkups and prescriptions for migraines, but I was aware of the shifts in prevailing consciousness (and funding) that influence what is available at any given time. Every decision I made arose from my own intuition about which path served me best.

My recent diagnosis of early-stage breast cancer catapulted me into an unexpected journey that actually allowed me to learn so much more about western medicine, particularly as it relates to treating breast cancer. I found myself in the hands of three knowledgeable and compassionate doctors who worked as a team to customize my care and were able to explain it clearly and understandably to me. I absolutely knew I was on the right path. Once again, all my decisions are grounded in my own inner guidance, and I have felt profoundly guided from the beginning. Never more so than last week, when I received my first chemotherapy infusion, the treatment I had feared the most.

All I can say is that it was a divinely orchestrated day, every bit of it. The staff at the chemo Infusion Center were wonderful, human angels every one of them. Thorough and careful about all they did. I sat peacefully in my own little room with heated blankets, looking out at trees and sunshine during my treatment. I had been saying for a week or so that I was going to receive a sacred elixir from medical alchemists, and I truly felt that. The words came to me from deep inside, my own spiritual perspective on what was happening. Throughout history, alchemists in many countries, some well-known scientists, have worked with energy and matter to find ways to cure diseases or transmute matter. Modern medicine and science probably do not see a connection between that work and theirs, but within my own experience, I felt myself once again bridging worlds, even dimensions.

As the nursing staff explained what the chemotherapy does and answered my questions, I felt my spiritual vision expand and deepen. What moved it along even further was an iPod that I had brought along, filled with Panache Desai’s meditations. I was drawn to one program in particular: “Align, Attune, Ascend,” which I had loved but hadn’t listened to for years. When I looked at the listings, I found that the word infusion was included in several titles, and Panache referred to all of the meditations as “vibrational infusions.” The synchronicity was unmistakable!

The first one I chose to listen to during my treatment was “Body Ascension Infusion,” and it was perfect. The words themselves were powerfully infused with energy and light (Panache spoke of releasing the density in the cells and allowing homeostasis and balance to occur), and the Solfeggio Frequency music that accompanied the meditations amplified everything. I felt myself carried along on the combined energy of the chemotherapy infusion and the vibrational infusion, both divine. I was receiving a sacred elixir of medical and spiritual alchemy. My words, my experience. “It’s all in how you frame it,” a friend once said to me. I returned home to rest quietly, and gratefully. Every moment of the day pure grace.

You Are a Vortex

Most people are familiar with the word vortex in relation to energy centers at Sedona, Arizona, associated with various points in the physical landscape there, such as Cathedral Rock. These are believed to be places where powerful spiritual connections can take place. Other well-known energy spots, or sacred sites, are at Stonehenge, Machu Picchu, Haleakala Crater, the Great Pyramid, and the ancient Maya cities of Tulum and Tikal, as well as the underwater Atlantis Road near Bimini.

Not all vortexes are famous though. You may live close to one or more, as I do (I believe nearby Mt. Auburn Cemetery is a sacred energy vortex). Vortexes can take many forms and spark a variety of experiences, physical and nonphysical. At Mt. Auburn (and other places like Machu Picchu and Tikal), I have felt connected to something greater than my physical body, beyond time and space. Each sacred site I have visited unfolds into an interdimensional journey; the very quality of the light is extraordinary, heavenly. And this is how I have come to perceive vortexes: places where an intense flow of energy back and forth links the two dimensions of Heaven and Earth.

Many say the sacred sites around the world are all energetically connected to one another via ley lines, or meridians, that form a grid upon the Earth. My sense is that this energetic network stretches out from Earth to include the entire cosmos. And we as human beings who inhabit this planet are part of that network. We too are connected energetically to the cosmic grid and to one another. What is called psychic awareness, or second sight, is a manifestation of this connection. We all know things that defy rational explanation, that seem to have no basis in fact. Yet they are true at a deeper level. We are not just our bodies; we are much more. And our inner senses stretch far beyond the physical. We have so much to learn about ourselves and the universe during this time of planetary shifts in consciousness.

What we are discovering is that we too are vortexes. We channel cosmic energy, as do the trees, the mountains, the whales, the birds, and all of Nature. Our Earth is alive with energy, and our physical bodies are conduits for connecting that energy to the higher dimensions and receiving divine energy in turn. We are not alone on this planet. The energy of God, or Source, flows through us in every moment. And now is the time in history when we come to realize our great potential as human conduits and angels upon the Earth. We did not just come here to live a one-dimensional life and die. Collectively and individually we are coming into fully embodying human/divine presence in the world. We are evolving not only for ourselves but for the entire universe. Did you think you were alone in your life and in the cosmos? Far from it. We are part of a multiverse of energy that is continuously pulsing light codes. Every one of us is a transmitter and a receiver.

I often feel that vibrant energy when I walk in Nature or gaze up at the sky. I also feel it meditating in my living room or looking in the eyes of another human soul. We are souls above all else. Our physical bodies are temples that house our souls, and these temples are the vortexes that connect all of us to the vortexes of the Earth and to one another. The infinite universe is within us as well as outside. I can’t give you “proof” that this is true, but I know it deep within me. My mind can know physical reality, but my soul knows the music of the spheres to which we all dance within our lifetimes on this planet. We are points of awareness, we are radiant lights, stardust. We came here to shine the light of love in our hearts and to connect with one another and God at the deepest possible level. Stop for a moment in your busy life, take a deep breath, and remember who you are.