Anything Is Possible!

© 2014 Anne S. Katzeff / Artist
“Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue
And the dreams that you dare to dream
Really do come true.”
— E.Y. Harburg & Harold Arlen

So many of us grew up listening to Judy Garland sing “Over the Rainbow” in the classic film The Wizard of Oz. Her character, Dorothy, was dreaming of a better world, a land where bluebirds fly and dreams come true. We took those words to heart, we children of the 1960s and 1970s who marched for freedom, peace, and human rights in the U.S. and around the globe. Individuals across time have believed in that better world and worked tirelessly for a vision they held in their hearts as possibility. Because of them, the world we live in now is very different than it once was. No, it is not perfect; racism, sexism, homophobia, and the violence that accompanies them still exist. But things have changed, and we are continuing to evolve toward that vision, more and more rapidly.

Case in point: The recent U.S. Supreme Court decision for national marriage equality (supported by a majority of Americans) seemed to be nothing short of a miracle. After so many years of extreme hatred, ridicule, and cruelty directed at lesbians and gay men, the shift in public consciousness in a relatively short period of time was almost unbelievable. I couldn’t help but feel that if entrenched attitudes like those could change (and still are changing), then anything is possible…. President Obama voicing support for the rights of the LGBT community in a televised speech…. Rainbow lights on the White House. Indeed, rainbow lights appeared across the country in support of this opening to a greater love and acceptance for all people. From San Francisco City Hall to Niagara Falls, rainbows lit up the night, showing the world that anything is possible. To me, that is the deeper meaning of marriage equality—to dramatically demonstrate that the time has come to embrace everyone for who they really are at heart: unique, unrepeatable souls here to live authentic lives, full out and freely. At this key transformative time on the planet, that truth is taking hold with growing power.

So if marriage equality can occur, what else is possible? World peace? Social justice and economic parity? Universal love? Why not? We get to the possible by courageously and lovingly living the impossible. Imagine a better world and live in it. Treat your neighbors with kindness and generosity. Treat Mother Earth and her children with gentleness and reverence. Love your friends and family as sweet reflections of life’s beauty, and remember that everyone you meet is family. Live as if you only had one hour left on this planet. Would you waste it with complaints, judgments, and hatred? Or would you appreciate every moment (every person, every tree, every animal) as precious and sacred—a miracle to be celebrated and treasured?

We have been conditioned to believe that suffering is inevitable, that change is impossible, that utopian dreams are unrealistic. But Dorothy always sang a different tune, and we never forgot it. “Over the Rainbow” is the iconic song of remembrance and inspiration for all of us. “Dare to dream” and the world opens up before you. Live your dream into life with every breath you take. Over the rainbow is here now, right in front of our eyes. That multicolored rainbow—magical symbol of diversity and possibility—still inspires us all to never stop dreaming. Anything is possible!

Rainbow Child

In my last blog post, I wrote about reliving my physical birth during a meditation in Panache Desai’s “Awakening Your Authentic Soul Signature” at Omega. My other “birth” that week occurred during an individual breakthrough session, separate from the rest of the program. At least I thought it was separate, but with Panache, all separation has a tendency to dissolve. This was my second breakthrough session with him (see previous blog post “Infinity” for a description of my first session in Costa Rica). I felt that I still had some blocks that I wanted help with releasing. Well, my mind’s idea of why I was there didn’t align with Panache’s perception of why I was there.

First, I should say that Panache sees people energetically. He sees their infinite potential and sees where there are blocks to that potential. And he pulls no punches in telling you what he sees. After a few minutes of addressing the issue I presented to him, he said, “When are you going to come out to yourself?” My background, which he knows, is that I have been out in the world as a lesbian for many years (35) and have been with my partner for 29 years. I came out within the feminist movement of the 1970s and have marched in the streets for women’s and gay rights in the years since then. So I wasn’t buying this comment from him; I thought, “What does he know about being a lesbian? He’s a straight man.” Still, I remembered that he had more than once said that lesbians and gay men are some of the most courageous people on the planet because they are living their truth. So, my resistance gradually faded, and our hour together became a mutually expansive dialogue and an extraordinary emotional inner journey for me. His perception was that I had come out to the world, but part of me had not integrated it on an emotional level (this is what he saw energetically).

And damn if he wasn’t right. Looking back, I realized that my decision to come out in the 1970s had been a political one (deliberately choosing equal relationships without male/female roles). I chose with my head, and only partially my heart. In the course of the hour, I moved through memories of coming out (the disapproval and hatred as well as the acceptance and love) and also came face to face with my own judgments about bisexuality and heterosexuality (betrayal of your sisters), which I had formed at that time in my life. I thought I had moved to a more accepting, inclusive mindset, but surprisingly, I had old opinions stuck inside me. Through tears, laughter, and vibrational transformation (I was shaking all over), I released old judgments and separations and stepped into my own soul signature truth: “I am all of the labels, and I am none of the labels. I am a whole energy-being of light. I am divine consciousness expressing itself as a lesbian.” And Panache was right there, experiencing it with me (crying too). He was instigator and participant (getting in touch with his “inner lesbian”), as well as trusted friend. A completely integrated rainbow lesbian birth after all these years—who knew?!

The other part of the story is that I decided to share my breakthrough experience in the larger group of more than 60 people, and other individuals also spoke of separations/fears/judgments about sexual identity and roles that they carried within them. It became an ongoing part of our evolution during the week. On the last morning of the program, Panache had us all, as one soul family (himself included), repeat out loud together, over and over: “I am a lesbian. I am gay. I am bisexual. I am straight.” Very powerful and very healing. Our soul selves are indeed all of those labels and none of them—that’s oneness. Some of us have come into this life to stand in the truth of being lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender—identities that expand the wider experience of what it means to be human on Planet Earth. Sometimes that’s terribly challenging or frightening. Other times, as we all evolve into a greater love, it feels like the greatest blessing in the world.

“That which you’ve gone through in your life has served to bring you into the fullness of who you are here to be for yourself, for your friends, for your families, and for an entire planet.”—Panache Desai