Book Review in Spirit of Change

Gail Lord’s review of my book Living with Spirit, Journey of a Flower Child appeared in the spring 2010 issue of Spirit of Change magazine:

“There are many stories written about the 1960’s, often focusing on the drugs, the music, or the fashion. Peggy Kornegger’s memoir Living with Spirit flows with humility and positivity as she shares how living as a “flower child” influenced her experience with the world and how this continues to inform her life choices.

Peggy’s story begins with an idyllic childhood in rural Illinois with parents who taught her to love and learn through the natural world. Her trek in 1969 to the “hippie” scene of San Francisco wasn’t an attempt to escape an authoritarian upbringing, but rather an opportunity to take part in a personal and cultural transformation. Living with Spirit chronicles exotic and often arduous spiritual excursions to places such as Machu Picchu, Hawaii, and Costa Rica, and fascinating interactions with Mayan elders, Brooke Medicine Eagle and Angeles Arrien, among many others, as well as nonverbal teachers including dolphins, whales, birds, and a black cat named Edward. In a friendly, down-to-earth way, Peggy’s story gives voice to a new universal spiritual tradition that honors and respectfully incorporates the beauty, ancient wisdom, power, and integrity of the world’s spiritual traditions—the unique rainbow melting pot of New Age spirituality at its best.

Peggy’s message comes at an important time. While the world is filled with alienation and confusion, a shift is occurring. Over and over throughout the book, she reminds us that we are all light bearers and every act throughout our days is primed to potentially move us closer to the light, whether we are at sacred sites around the world or in our own backyards.”


An excerpt from Living with Spirit, Journey of a Flower Child was published in the web edition of Wisdom magazine in April 2010:

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