Heart Vibes

Photograph © 2013 Peggy Kornegger
This year on Valentine’s Day, how about being love instead of just showing love? In fact, how about being love 24/7, 365? What’s the difference, you may wonder. Well, to me, showing love often falls into the realm of expected behavior: cards, candy, flowers on a particular holiday. All very lovely, but there’s more to love than that—a deeper beingness that we are at our very core. Our soul selves, our universal selves, are pure love, connected to our hearts. When we live from the center of our souls, love vibrates outward from our hearts, however we are expressing ourselves, in words or in actions.

As human beings evolve into more open-hearted ways of inter-relating, love will become our modus operandi, whether on a specific holiday or on an ordinary calendar day. An unconditional love that includes love of self as well as love of other. In fact, truly loving and appreciating our unique soul self seamlessly leads to loving others’ uniqueness, too. Every one of us is here to be an individual expression of the universal love. When we recognize that, love and loving behavior become second nature. We won’t have to be reminded by marketing ploys to send flowers or chocolates to loved ones. Everything emanating from us will be an expression of the deep love that connects us all vibrationally in the web of life. You are me, and I am you.

So, on February 14, send out your loving heart vibes via U.S. mail or email, on line or in person, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing. Open your heart so wide that that love will shine throughout all the calendar days of this year and years to come. There’s nothing more important in life than love. And it’s not about doing. It’s about being.

“From a bird’s eye view, I can see we are family…
It’s not hard for me to love you
Hard for me to love you
Because you are the world to me.”—Jason Mraz, “The World As I See It”

2 thoughts on “Heart Vibes

  1. Thank you for this Peggy! I was feeling like a Valentine’s Day failure this a.m. because I’ve been working every minute of every day over the pat few weeks, finishing the final edited manuscript of my new mystery novel (Sent last night just before midnight)…I had not taken the time to get VDay gift for my beloved… and then she said to read your blog, So the day just turned around – lots of love:, love for the beautiful post-storm world outside, love for my amazing network of loved ones (friends like you, hospice friends,singing friends,Raging Grannies, church,etc), love for home, kitties, and for Dorothy – Love that is always there every day and received every day….

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