Birth Pains of a New Planet

Photograph © 2015 Peggy Kornegger
Photograph © 2015 Peggy Kornegger
The daily news is full of distressing world events. Terrorist attacks, lockdowns, drones, guns, and the targeting of entire religions, races, or nationalities as enemies. Racism, homophobia, violence against women, bullying—these too are pervasive. There is no doubt that much of the planet is living through turmoil. Many people are reacting within themselves to this turmoil, experiencing chronic depression, emotional upheaval, or physical/mental breakdown. In one way or another, we are all affected by events in the world and in the lives of those we care about. Still, beneath those events is the transformative energy of a planet in transition. The old age and the new age are engaged in a vibrational dance-off, and something entirely new is being born. The planet’s vibration is shifting radically, and our vibrations are shifting right along with it. Yes, change can be unsettling and frightening, but it also can be exhilarating and hopeful.

We hear lots about fear, violence, and conflict at both the global and the individual levels; yet, that is not all that exists. Stories of compassion, courage, mutual aid, and loving-kindness are underreported, but they occur, as do stories about the spirit of people in the midst of crisis. The website Positive News ( posts less-publicized accounts of the lives and experiences of people around the world who are taking positive action for peace, harmony, and global oneness. These are individuals and groups who live love day to day in their homes and communities as they step out of separation and embrace others as sisters and brothers. In that embrace is the beginning of the end of “otherness.” Through compassionate action, sharing, kindness, and mutual regard, these people are making a difference in the world. Small scale becomes large scale person by person.

The extreme polarities (love/hatred, war/peace, oneness/separation) that we are seeing now are all part of the planetary shift Earth is experiencing. No matter what you see in the external world or in the media, something greater is being birthed on our planet. At the deepest level, it is the full expression of love itself, the complete embodiment of spirit in human form, and the conscious awareness of the divinity that lives within each of us. That may sound like spiritual nonsense or utterly utopian and unrealistic when you look around at the anguish so prevalent in the world or in the lives of those we love. Still, ancient cultures have foreseen and spoken of this time. It’s not just wishful thinking or uninformed naiveté. The wisdom of elders in many cultures tells us that “now is the time” and “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”

This past Christmas Eve, I watched a late-night program called “May Peace Prevail on Earth.” Broadcast nationally and viewable online, it was organized by the United Religions Initiative and was meant to be a bridge between those of varied religions, spiritual beliefs, cultures, and backgrounds. The diversity of those participating was both impressive and grounded in a visible sense of community among those speaking, singing, dancing, offering prayers, and lighting candles. To me, it was a hopeful sign, that there are more and more people and groups dedicated to oneness and community instead of divisiveness and separation. The full program can still be viewed at

So if you listen to the mainstream news, don’t forget that it’s not the whole story. Those who pay for these newscasts benefit from keeping people uninformed, fearful, and powerless. We don’t have to buy into that reality. We can choose to love one another. That’s how a new planet is birthed. It may not be easy or clean or quick, but eventually, something miraculous appears. A new planet is being born, and we are the midwives. We are the newborn as well. In the midst of chaos, new life comes into being, and new being comes to life. Each of us is a miracle moving down the birth canal to emerge onto a light-filled planet, full of infinite possibility.


2 thoughts on “Birth Pains of a New Planet

  1. Awesome post, Peggy. It’s critical for us to include non-mainstream sources for our news and information. Otherwise, we’re just hearing the perspectives of those who control the media.

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