Let Your Soul Shine

Photograph © 2016 Peggy Kornegger
Photograph © 2016 Peggy Kornegger
The energy of this new year 2016 feels so powerful. I was completely flattened by it in January. And then uplifted to a new level of opening and expansion in February. To me, 2016 feels like the year when the cookie-cutter constraints of our social programming fall away, and we stand fully embodying our soul’s presence in the physical world. We emerge from the shadows of fear and uncertainty and experience the power of our own true essence. Courage and inner vision will carry us forward into a new paradigm of Being on this planet, one in which full-out soul expression is celebrated instead of stifled. Our liberated minds and bodies will support our complete creative unfolding. Now is the time for each of us, in our own special way, to play the music of the spheres for all to hear.

So sing your song, write your book, share your vision, dance your unique soul self into unlimited being. Give yourself over to everything that is longing to be expressed through you. This is your life—claim it. Live it to the farthest edges of possibility. Together, we are shedding old externally imposed self-images and stepping into a new world of infinite expansion at the soul level. The old separations between body, mind, and spirit are dissolving. The deepest truth is that every part of you is sacred and filled with light. The curtain of illusion is falling away, and we see clearly who we are: eternal divine beings in human form. Shining, sparkling, embracing ourselves and one another with love and gratitude.

Faced with the world’s uncertainty and fear, we choose to walk bravely into the unknown, trusting in something greater that is carrying us forward into the flowering of our inner spirit. Let it happen. Don’t hold anything back. This very moment in eternal time is your moment, our moment. It’s why we were created and why we are here on this planet at this particular miraculous time of transformation. Let go completely of everything that has come before. It is a new planet, a new paradigm, and nothing is as it was….because we have changed. We are allowing the powerful energy flowing through us to completely shift our lives.

With each breath we take, we are blessed with a new beginning, a rebirth. May our collective breaths bring us all together in the deeper realization that we have always been one, and separateness and the judgments that accompanied it were just illusions. Within oneness, within the unbroken stream of light that is cosmic consciousness, there is no “other.” There is only love, infinite and unique manifestations of love. May we see that so clearly that we never forget again. May this be the year that we look into one another’s eyes and see stars of infinite magnitude—the reflection of our own shared brilliance.

So let the light of your soul shine. Let your spirit flower. Let nothing stand between you and your inner magnificence. It is the time of sweet awakening, of the full remembrance of who we are. In our hearts and souls, we always knew this day would come….

“All your life
you were only waiting
for this moment to arise.”
—Lennon & McCartney

4 thoughts on “Let Your Soul Shine

  1. I read this right after reading “Jump” – what a perfect two-part message, blessing, affirmation, celebration! My partner and I have been making some big decisions over the past few weeks, “jumping” out of old patterns, ways of being, and even jumping out of old assumptions about where we would always live, grow old , etc. As we jump into brand new, exciting, but also slightly frightening changes, I feel so supported by your encouragement to let go and enjoy the old childhood thrill and trust of the jump. Then, moving next to “let Your Soul Shine’ has just filled me with such deep peace and I am really letting myself bask in the certainty of this new rebirth.
    And I loved the quote from the Beatles at the end – one of my favorite songs ever!
    Thanks you, Peggy, for your wisdom and your vision.

    1. Thank you, Dusty, for your always insightful and deeply personal comments. I am so glad you are experiencing both the celebration and deep peace of life’s changes and adventures!

  2. Peggy I want to thank you again for posting this yesterday. I was at my job and read it on my lunch break, If I would have been alone I would have cried like a baby. It was so profound to me at that moment and really encouraged me that I am not alone. I was raised in a very traditional Amish Culture, And my heart longs for friends I can share and bear my heart with. I became aware of the Love that I am on Jan 2015 and have never been the same. Its been a journey of changing my whole belief system and discovering who I am and why I am here. I know all is well!! I remind myself.. to quiet my mind and my heart opens!! I would Love any feedback from you or if you are ever in this Lancaster PA area I would Love to meet with you 🙂 Keep Shining Dear Angel, Miriam Lantz

    1. Thank you so very much, Miriam, for sharing your open-hearted & emotional reaction to my article, as well as for sharing your own life’s changes. The Love you are experiencing will guide and lift you through whatever is ahead, I feel certain. You are never alone, and those of us on the path with you number in the thousands and thousands, more and more each day. Angel love to you…. ❤

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