Second Sight

Photograph © 2015 Peggy Kornegger
Photograph © 2015 Peggy Kornegger
Intuition and extrasensory perception are sometimes called “second sight.” This refers to knowledge or awareness that comes to individuals from beyond the realm of the mind and the five senses. The translation of the original French clairvoyant captures the essence of second sight: “clear-seeing.” Intuition is a gift we are all born with, and today we are beginning to reclaim that natural ability to see the universe, and all its many layers and dimensions, more clearly. The world is opening up all around us in unusual and extraordinary ways, and synchronicity is showing us the hidden connections that link every single bit of it.

Over the past few months, during which I came to terms with the possibility of future impaired vision, everything associated with my eyesight became extremely precious to me. My acute sensitivity to this particular sense led me on a journey that opened my heart and expanded my awareness in ways I could not have possibly imagined beforehand. And the more I let go and trusted the entire process (including the uncertainty), the greater my own experience of clarity and flow in each moment. I began to see not only with my physical eyes, but with my soul as well.

Two days stand out during this time period. One morning, I was searching online for a particular group whose work I admired, intending to make a donation. In the midst of this process, I remembered another group that I used to give to in the past and went to their website instead: the Seva Foundation. Once there, I realized why I had been “guided” to Seva: their focus is on restoring eyesight and preventing blindness globally. Stunned, I sat and looked at the images of the people in the various countries around the world that Seva serves. With tears in my eyes, I recognized these individuals as “just like me” in what they were facing. As I clicked the Donate button, I felt more than money pass between me and those receiving it. There was a connection at the soul level—oneness. And thankfulness for that profound feeling of oneness.

The next day, I was sitting at my desk writing in my journal and listening to several of my favorite Andrea Bocelli CDs. The fact that I had been led to listen to a blind singer who lives a divinely soul-guided life did not enter my consciousness until after what transpired next. As I immersed myself in the music, I began to cry at the exquisite angelic beauty of his voice. I walked slowly to the window, where I stood almost prayerfully looking out at the spring day. Suddenly my perception shifted dramatically. Everything within my field of vision was moving in perfect synchronicity with the music, and I felt intensely how every single thing was invisibly connected to everything else: the trees swaying in the wind, a man walking by the house, the car pulling out of the neighbor’s driveway. And me standing at the window. All of us part of the same universal dance of energy–a grace-filled choreography of consciousness.

I saw these connections, felt them, with my soul. Second sight. In a split second, my awareness stretched beyond three-dimensional “reality” to something infinitely expansive. I stepped into the magic of perceiving, if only for a moment, the all-encompassing orchestration that aligns even our heartbeats and breath as we live our seemingly separate lives. Blind or sighted, we are all connected. Every one of us on this planet—as well as all the stars and galaxies in the cosmos—lives and vibrates within one cohesive energetic presence that is Spirit manifesting. As we open to it more and more in our lives, second sight allows us to see that. It shows us the miraculous synchronicities at the heart of our world and fills our eyes with tears of gratitude that we are part of it all.


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