You Are Living Your Life Purpose Right Now!

You can spend years of your life searching for your purpose. It can be both daunting and confusing. What if it doesn’t have to be? What if the purpose you’re looking for already exists right under your nose? The simple truth is that there is no part of you or your experiences that is not perfectly integrated into your life’s purpose. And the Earth’s purpose. You don’t have to search for it—you are it! Each and every one of us is an evolving soul on an evolving planet….

4 thoughts on “You Are Living Your Life Purpose Right Now!

  1. Ohh, love seeing your face and hearing your voice, dear friend. Such a treat. Sending love and hugs, and thank you for this video blog. xoxoxo . (and it doesn’t feel like a year, just a “whisper”)

  2. So nice to be reminded that our life’s purpose can be as simple as a smile! Beautiful thoughts and you look so pretty in your turquoise and lime green! Thank you again for sharing your wisdom. Marsha

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