Floating in Kindness

I have read that patients hear everything that is said or felt in the hospital room even when sedated or unconscious. Anita Moorjani writes of watching and hearing the doctors and nurses and her family members from “above” and seeing the connections between everything as she went through a near-death experience. I have always believed this to be true. Recently, I had my own experience of something similar, though not at the edge of death. I was sedated for a breast cancer operation, and as I came out of sedation after surgery, I had the vivid experience of writing a very detailed letter describing how extraordinarily kind everyone was in the operating and recovery rooms. I lay there feeling it all intensely as I slowly returned to conscious awareness within the “real world.” But I ask you, “What is real here?” There was no doubt in my fully conscious mind that I was remembering what I experienced during surgery and immediately after. I had felt surrounded by Bodhisattvas.*

Lying there, slowly drifting back into my mind’s perceptions, experienced in conjunction with my heart’s loving awareness, I “knew” my surroundings and the world at large in a greater, wiser way. The feeling of floating in an atmosphere of caring and kindness expanded until all I felt was oneness with everyone in the room as well as everyone on Earth. And everything in the universe. Immersion in a loving Presence. Tears rolled down my cheeks. Thus God guides us along our soul’s path in our human lifetime. Gradually, we come to see the larger picture, the divine tapestry within which we are all threads of consciousness.

Two months ago, I was invisibly guided to find the lump in my breast, and everything that unfolded afterward has been a blessed dance of deepening soul awareness and connection. All my friends and loved ones, all the doctors and nurses, are playing a part in this dance—and are, I’m sure, experiencing their own soul journeys parallel to mine. This is what is happening now on our blue planet, as it becomes golden with illuminated collective awareness. In truth, we are all Bodhisattvas returning to Earth to shine the light of loving kindness and oneness so strongly that finally we all feel it as powerfully as I did in that recovery room. I am forever changed by that experience.

As I walk down the street now, I see shining souls all connected to one another, not solitary human forms lost in the dramas of their own lives. Beneath our earthly costumes this is who we all are: infinite beings of light. We are here on assignment from the stars. Look around, look within, and remember who you are. Reach out the hand of kindness to every person, animal, plant, tree, butterfly or bee you encounter. Feel the connections beyond language. What will be returned to you is the reflection of your own soul and God’s imprint on your heart. We came here to love one another and to love ourselves. In that there is only Oneness.
*Bodhisattvas are enlightened beings who return to the Earth plane out of compassion and the desire to be of loving service to others (a Buddhist teaching).

6 thoughts on “Floating in Kindness

  1. What a powerful experience and affirmation!!! I especially love these sentences: “The feeling of floating in an atmosphere of caring and kindness expanded until all I felt was oneness with everyone in the room as well as everyone on Earth. And everything in the universe. Immersion in a loving Presence. Tears rolled down my cheeks.” Thank you for sharing!!!

  2. Peggy, I wish we were friends. There is not one post of yours that does not resonate with my soul on one level or another – you are definitely a part of my tribe. You speak and share of things very few can or do, and certainly not as eloquently as you do. The spiritual experiences I have had especially when my father crossed over and later being with my mom as she was preparing to do so, really opened my eyes and mostly my heart to how much more there is than just the physical being. Your question of “what is real?” and the expansion of kindness and oneness all resonated with me. One night when I left my mom at the hospital, I went home and reminisced about how she held my had as a child specifically recalling my first day at school. The next day when I’m back in the hospital by her side chatting, she says to me, remember when I used to hold your hand when you were a little girl? I’m sorry, coincidence? I think not. There is so much that we don’t know about regarding how we are all connected. Sorry for the long reply, but wanted to share my gratitude on this Canadian Thanksgiving weekend for your writing and sharing. Wishing you the best of health and well-being. 💖

    1. Dear Gabby, What a wonderful comment and sharing! I feel sure we would be friends too. I also had extraordinary experiences when each of my parents transitioned. There’s not a day that passes, especially recently, that I don’t feel the presence of Spirit opening me more and more to greater awareness of the multidimensionality of this universe. I feel this deeply when I walk in Nature–everything is vibrating with color and light. Thank you so much for writing–it touches my heart to hear of your similar experiences! In a few weeks, I will have a new book on Amazon: Inside the Rainbow—Soul Connection in Nature. Just in case you’re interested… Sending love and gratitude. ❤ ❤

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