Limitless Love on an Evolving Planet

Photograph © 2019 Peggy Kornegger
Is love on a global scale, for oneself and others, possible? I believe it is, despite evidence to the contrary. Let’s face it. The current planetary paradigm that we inhabit is based in limitation. From a very early age, we are taught to curtail our heart’s desires for fear they will be crushed within a skewed social matrix that does not allow universal self-fulfillment and growth. Most social constructs in our world are organized on a top/bottom basis. Whether you are at the bottom or top, your life is limited by the very fact of inhabiting a limited paradigm. What would it take to shift that paradigm, to make it inclusive instead of exclusive? How about a complete transformation in global consciousness? Because until the collective consciousness changes, we are all caught in a web of limitation.

So how do we transform consciousness in such a way that it affects everyone on the planet? The answer can’t be found in political parties, social revolutions, or individual changes. For as Emma Lazarus once wrote, “Until we are all free, we are none of us free.” All the attempts by humans down through the ages to create a “better world” have moved us along and opened possibilities but have not eliminated all inequities. We are living in a time when all that changes. The reason? We are moving into a greater awareness on this planet, one sourced in the heart not the head. Our evolution as human beings is reaching critical mass as we open to the heart’s transformative energy. Love will break through all limitations and separations and bring us home to ourselves and to each other.

When we look into our neighbors’ eyes and see brothers and sisters, that is when the world shifts. It is a collective phenomenon. Together, we love a better world into existence. Together we recognize that anything is possible. Together we become limitless. It’s not an individual endeavor or solo struggle. Now is the era of soul family and soul family reunion. We came to this planet to carry love in our hearts and see it through to its ultimate earthly manifestation: universal connection. One after another, we recognize one another as family, and the circle expands. No one is left out this time around. No one rises up while others fall behind. It is the collective heart of humanity that is opening.

Even when it looks like hatred and fear predominate in the world, see it as the last breath of a dying paradigm. Know that nothing is stronger than love, in any dimension. We are here to live the ageless wisdom of the heart in all that we say and do in our lives. We are here to collectively shift consciousness throughout every dimension. It is already happening—in every act of kindness and compassion worldwide. Together we are embodying limitless love on an evolving planet. Now.
*Many of the ideas expressed here are expanded further in my book Lose Your Mind, Open Your Heart, available online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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Interview on Vivid Life Radio

On May 19, Laurel Geise interviewed me on her Soul-Guided Living radio show ( radio). Laurel and I had a wonderful conversation–we talked about my new book and about living from the heart. Click on the following link, and there is a description of the show, How to Lose Your Mind & Open Your Heart with Peggy Kornegger and Dr. Laurel Geise The broadcast is now available for replay at that link, and you can also listen to the interview here: