Transformation 2012

Photographs © 2012 Peggy Kornegger
“And I dreamed I saw the bombers
Riding shotgun in the sky,
And they were turning into butterflies
Above our nation.”—Joni Mitchell

The dream of a more peaceful, compassionate, and loving world has been with us from time out of mind, but perhaps never more powerfully imprinted on global consciousness than during this year, 2012. Maya elders and other indigenous peoples, as well as visionaries from all cultures, have spoken of the beginning of a new cycle of light and possibility. As 2012 draws to a close, and human beings on Planet Earth begin to realize the extent of the monumental changes before us, the way we view everything will shift. To me, the key word for this time, and for the coming years, is transformation.

As I look back on the year, I see countless moments of transformation, both in my own life and in the lives of others, even in the face of great challenges. My/our consciousness is cracking wide open, and the light is pouring in. What is particularly amazing to me is that I also saw these moments reflected in the natural world around me, specifically in the appearance of butterflies. Butterflies are often viewed as one of the most powerful symbols of metamorphosis and transformation: metamorphosis—the caterpillar breaking through the chrysalis to become a radiant, colorful being of light; transformation—humans breaking through the density of form to emerge into the light of higher consciousness. In 2012, butterflies came flying into my life in unexpected numbers and varieties.

IMG_0209In May, I participated in an online live video and interactive chat session with Panache Desai and hundreds of people globally. Positive messages of love and hope popped up from all over the planet—human voices merging in the manifested dream of a world “living as one.” My heart filled with joy as I felt the transformative energy radiating outwards. The next day, when I walked out my front door, a cloud of Red Admiral butterflies filled the air, landing on flowering bushes and on my arms and legs as well. Everywhere I looked were butterflies, and this continued for several days, unlike anything I had ever witnessed here in Massachusetts. I could not help but make a connection between the human event I had just taken part in and the highly unusual butterfly explosion. Both were sheer magic, each reflecting the other.

IMG_0639The magic continued in July after I attended  Panache’s “Awakening Your Authentic Soul Signature” at Omega in Rhinebeck, New York. Our entire group experienced personal breakthroughs and collective shifts during the week, and I truly felt as if my soul self had emerged in new, more expansive ways.* Upon my return home, American Beauty butterflies began to show up in increasingly large numbers in my back yard. Each day, the energy of the dancing butterflies was infectious. As they fluttered and zoomed around the yard, my spirit was flying right along with them!

The third butterfly event occurred in September after I attended a gathering with Maya elders in western Massachusetts, which included a powerful traditional Maya fire ceremony. The elders’ teachings combined with the fire ceremony made for an inspiring and uplifting four days. Once again, after I returned home, a large group of butterflies appeared in my back yard. This time it was orange-and-black monarchs, floating majestically through the air and landing on the purple flowers of the butterfly bush. As they danced all around and above me, their magnificence was beyond awe-inspiring. Tears rolled down my cheeks at the beauty. Was this yet another reflection? No doubt in my heart or mind.

So is 2012 the beginning of something as miraculous and beautiful as butterflies dancing on the wind? Are we co-creating a new Planet Earth when we come together in love and the openhearted desire to live in oneness and light? The challenges of being human have kept us trapped in suffering and sorrow for millennia—can we break free? The butterflies show us the transformative possibilities; they reflect the beauty of our infinitely expanding souls back to us. If we allow our hearts to fly with them, anything we envision becomes possible. May we step into 2013 trusting in the power of our own transformation.

*See previous blog posts “Birth Day” and “Rainbow Child.”

God Is in the Goosebumps

Photograph © 2011 Peggy Kornegger
Photograph © 2011 Peggy Kornegger
These are powerful times. The veil between the physical and nonphysical realms is thinning, and we are becoming more and more aware of something greater that permeates and expands our experience here on Earth. Yesterday was the harmonic gateway 12.12.12, synchronistically occurring on the same day as the Maya New Year, 8 Batz, in the Cholqij calendar. Next week, the long-anticipated date December 21, 2012, will finally become present, then past. No single day is the point of complete awakening or ultimate transformation, however. Everything is part of a continuously expansive becoming that humanity is experiencing at this time.

For me, the moments of clarity and opening have been increasing exponentially over the past few months. In October, I attended a 4-day gathering with Panache Desai at Kripalu Yoga Center in western Massachusetts. I’ve taken part in gatherings and webcasts with Panache for over a year now, and with each experience, I find that my heart opens wider and wider. At this particular event, as part of a meditation journey, I asked for a tangible physical sign of the presence of Spirit in my day-to-day life—and not just any sign—one that would “blow me away” with its power and “unmistakability.” Well, I got my wish. As the weekend progressed, I found that chills covered my body at every synchronicity or deep connection with another person or with the group as a whole. God was not only “in the details” (as the saying goes); he/she was very much in the goosebumps!

In the weeks after Kripalu, the chills increased in frequency until, during a 12.12.12 Global Gathering in Florida this past weekend, they became practically nonstop. Beautiful experiences in nature, deeply touching music, inspiring passages in books, and loving conversations with friends all brought up the now-familiar gooseflesh, and often tears as well. As I took daily long walks in my neighborhood, my heart would open and my eyes would fill at the beauty everywhere: a towering evergreen silhouetted against the sky at dusk; a Japanese maple surrounded by a scarlet carpet of autumn leaves; the vast expanse of endless blue sky streaked by white/pink clouds at sunset. At the Florida gathering, the collective energy of the 405 people present was so powerful that it shifted every cell in my body to a more intense loving vibration.

What I discovered was that I was actually living the wise advice that I had read somewhere once: Live every moment as if it is your first, or last, on Earth, as if you have never seen this world before, or will never see it again. Every second became filled with such poignancy and such heart-breaking magnificence that my body, and my soul, could only respond with tears and goosebumps. And gratitude, infinite gratitude. To be alive at this time and to experience the magic of the world as it transitions into a greater expression of itself, and we all become greater expressions of ourselves, is the most amazing miracle I can imagine.

A number of years ago, comedian Lily Tomlin starred in a one-woman show on Broadway called The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe (written by Jane Wagner). One of the play’s many characters, Trudy, the wise/crazy bag lady, talked about her “space chums” who visited her and were in awe of the “goose bump experience” here on Earth. They would take that back with them to outer space. Trudy ends the play with the following words:

“I like to think of them out there
in the dark, watching us.
Sometimes we’ll do something and they’ll laugh.
Sometimes we’ll do something and they’ll cry.
And maybe one day we’ll do something so magnificent,
everyone in the universe will get
goose bumps.”

The Maya Cosmovision: Beyond 2012

Tikal © 2007 Peggy Kornegger
“The Maya Keepers of Time know the opening of this new cycle to be transcendental, as it is the beginning of the Fifth Sun and brings with it the possibility of great spiritual awakening, insight, and realization for all of humanity.”—Nana Mercedes Barrios Longfellow, Maya Mam elder

Contrary to what you might hear or read in the media, the Maya never predicted that the world would end on December 21, 2012. Never. That’s a complete misinterpretation of the ancient Maya teachings, which have been handed down and preserved by indigenous Maya lineage carriers. The Maya cosmovision brought forward by the Maya elders of today speaks of the end of one cycle or Sun and the beginning of another, one filled with light. This is a time of transition, possibility, and expansion, not apocalypse.

Over the past eight years, I have had the opportunity and honor to learn about the traditional Maya teachings from Nana Mercedes Barrios Longfellow and other Maya elders from Guatemala. A number of us have traveled with the elders to Guatemala and participated in traditional fire ceremonies at Maya sacred sites there. Gatherings and fire ceremonies with the elders have also taken place in the United States, often at Rowe Center in the mountains of western Massachusetts.

Nana Mercedes’ teaching always involves a discussion of the Cholqij, one of the twenty sacred Maya calendars. The Cholqij is used as a guide for the spiritual growth and evolution of human beings, thus its particular importance at this time. The calendar consists of a 260-day cycle, each day of which carries a different frequency. In Nana Mercedes’ words, “Spirit speaks through the energy of the day. If we attune to the frequency of the day and begin to obey the laws of the universe, that day that sacred energy will fully support us.” Using the calendar on a daily basis helps humans to live with a conscious awareness of the larger cosmos that we are a part of here on Earth.

Over the years, I have learned so much from Nana Mercedes: about slowing down and getting in touch with the flow of each day’s energy (through meditation/prayer); about living life with humility and respect for all beings; about being of service to others and being grateful for the blessings we receive every moment on this beautiful planet. To spend time with Nana Mercedes is to experience a deep connection to a profound and wise way of living in the world. “We are one heart,” she has always said, and for me that is one of the most beautiful of the Maya teachings. I feel it profoundly when I am present at a Maya fire ceremony and also when a group of us—some longtime friends, others new friends—comes together to hear the wise teachings that have been handed down for thousands of years.

In September, about 30 of us spent four days at Rowe Center with Nana Mercedes and Nana Regina (who is also from Guatemala). Afterward, my heart was full, and I felt the ancient wisdom and light embodied by the Maya, and other indigenous peoples, shining forth powerfully and helping with the global awakening of all beings to universal oneness. More and more, I see evidence of that awakening, in spite of the huge challenges the planet faces today. The Great Shift—this transition to a new era, or new Sun, which the Maya have foreseen—is with us now. And it’s not about one date, or even one year. As we release old ways based in separation and fear, the cosmic energy will carry us forward beyond time and space into full immersion in the realm of the heart. As Nana Mercedes herself has said, “We are destined to be evolved beings, living in harmony, with great gratitude for the miracles of life.”

It Had to Be You

A major realization for me in recent months is that no one else could have been me, and my life could have been no other way. Everything has brought me to where I stand and who I am today: a unique human be-ing and a member of a global family upon this Earth. Each of us alive at this time on the planet came here for a specific reason—we chose to be present at a Great Shift in human consciousness and to play our part. And that part is not to try to copy or pattern ourselves after someone else, some courageous or visionary person whom we might admire. We came here to be ourselves, our extraordinary, unrepeatable selves. Therein lies the miracle.

Just like snowflakes, no two of us are alike, and together we form a whole that embodies the light of each single individual. Through living fully in self-love and a deep sense of oneness with all beings, we shine radiance throughout the universe. Each of our lives is a work of art, co-created with Spirit and infused with infinite expansive energy and possibility. Together, individual by individual, we are helping to birth a new way of being on Planet Earth, one centered in love and compassion. It is through loving and embracing our own inner soul-self that this universal love grows and expands.

In truth, we can’t be anyone else but ourselves. We are different in gender, sexual identity, age, race, ethnicity, physical appearance, cultural heritage, etc., and it doesn’t work to copy someone else’s idea of who you are or should be. We were created differently for a reason; no one else can be or do what we came here to be and do. It may be a line from an old romantic love song, but it also applies in this case: “It had to be you.” Without you, the world would have been different, just as George discovers in the classic film It’s a Wonderful Life. Every word you or I speak, every action you or I take or don’t take, ripples out from our lives to affect everyone we know, and by continuing vibration, everyone they know as well. The world is a web of vibrational interconnections, and the wonder of that is that by living our lives fully and lovingly, we help to create an entire planet of love and lightness of being. This is what the Great Shift means. Be your true self, and the world shifts into its true self.

“We’re all—every single one of us—unique, indispensable facets of the infinite universe. Each of us is an integral part of the greater unfolding tapestry that’s continually working toward healing the planet.”
—Anita Moorjani

Second Chances

“Here comes your second chance
you’d better believe it
open up and receive it”—Miten

During my individual session with Panache Desai in July (see blog post “Rainbow Child”), he played music by Deva Premal and Miten that really helped me flow with my inner journey. One song that had particular meaning for me was “Second Chance.” Because I was integrating all parts of my life—the young, outspoken radical lesbian-feminist as well as the older, softer, eclectically-spiritual woman—I found the idea of a second chance extremely appealing. It was a second chance to be fully human, standing in the infinite expansiveness of who I am and loving every bit of it.

It occurs to me now as I think of it that this is where we all are headed during this time of planetary transformation—toward the realization that we are everyone and everything, as well as our unique individual selves. Oneness means that there is no “other.” And this is our “second chance” on Planet Earth to understand that cosmic truth. Legend has it that ancient Atlantis came to an untimely end because the people failed to uphold the higher spiritual laws of oneness. We are at a similar choice point now. That second chance is fully here in our lives every moment of every day, in every breath that we take. Are you looking at your neighbor and seeing your own reflection? Are you looking in the mirror and loving yourself? Is your heart embracing all that you see as part of you? That is unity consciousness. That is why we all incarnated at this time: to look in one another’s eyes and love all that we see, similarities and differences.

Global peace, universal compassion, and loving-kindness are not just pipe dreams articulated by a few Buddhists, shamans, and latter-day flower children. Every human being has the opportunity to live out the potential of this magnificent blue planet full of infinite variations in consciousness. And those moments of living awareness of oneness are available to all of us. The media likes to report violence and catastrophe, entrapping us in fear. Don’t allow yourself to live in that place. Yes, terrible, painful events occur, but other more hopeful realities exist too; they just aren’t reported in the mainstream.

Ultimately, it is love that will energetically shift everything: people reaching out and caring for one another in spite of the dominant social matrix based on separation. And that caring is occurring now, more and more, all around the globe. Individuals of different races, ethnicities, ages, and sexual identities are finding common ground and choosing kindness instead of fear. The new generations are of such mixed heritage and cultural background that they often don’t identify with any one thread but instead embrace it all. Many think in terms of both/and instead of either/or—straight, gay; feminine, masculine; spiritual, political; thinking, feeling—they sense an inclusive world beyond polarity. Look into their eyes and see the future. They are living I AM consciousness, oneness that encompasses all.

When we finally realize with every fiber of our beings that we each embody all parts of humanity, prejudice and hatred will cease to exist, and love will be the planet’s guiding force. So “take a deep breath/this is your [our] second chance.”