It Had to Be You

A major realization for me in recent months is that no one else could have been me, and my life could have been no other way. Everything has brought me to where I stand and who I am today: a unique human be-ing and a member of a global family upon this Earth. Each of us alive at this time on the planet came here for a specific reason—we chose to be present at a Great Shift in human consciousness and to play our part. And that part is not to try to copy or pattern ourselves after someone else, some courageous or visionary person whom we might admire. We came here to be ourselves, our extraordinary, unrepeatable selves. Therein lies the miracle.

Just like snowflakes, no two of us are alike, and together we form a whole that embodies the light of each single individual. Through living fully in self-love and a deep sense of oneness with all beings, we shine radiance throughout the universe. Each of our lives is a work of art, co-created with Spirit and infused with infinite expansive energy and possibility. Together, individual by individual, we are helping to birth a new way of being on Planet Earth, one centered in love and compassion. It is through loving and embracing our own inner soul-self that this universal love grows and expands.

In truth, we can’t be anyone else but ourselves. We are different in gender, sexual identity, age, race, ethnicity, physical appearance, cultural heritage, etc., and it doesn’t work to copy someone else’s idea of who you are or should be. We were created differently for a reason; no one else can be or do what we came here to be and do. It may be a line from an old romantic love song, but it also applies in this case: “It had to be you.” Without you, the world would have been different, just as George discovers in the classic film It’s a Wonderful Life. Every word you or I speak, every action you or I take or don’t take, ripples out from our lives to affect everyone we know, and by continuing vibration, everyone they know as well. The world is a web of vibrational interconnections, and the wonder of that is that by living our lives fully and lovingly, we help to create an entire planet of love and lightness of being. This is what the Great Shift means. Be your true self, and the world shifts into its true self.

“We’re all—every single one of us—unique, indispensable facets of the infinite universe. Each of us is an integral part of the greater unfolding tapestry that’s continually working toward healing the planet.”
—Anita Moorjani

3 thoughts on “It Had to Be You

  1. this came at a good time for me – I feel confused a lot lately about what actions to take to make a difference, how to follow my call to help save our beautiful vulnerable planet. I find that I am comparing myself to others, trying to figure out if I can measure up to all that they do, the risks they take, their courage, etc
    So this helped remind me that I am doing the best I can and being my own unique self in all the various small things I do – Thanks, Peggy, for helping me center and trust myself

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