Second Chances

“Here comes your second chance
you’d better believe it
open up and receive it”—Miten

During my individual session with Panache Desai in July (see blog post “Rainbow Child”), he played music by Deva Premal and Miten that really helped me flow with my inner journey. One song that had particular meaning for me was “Second Chance.” Because I was integrating all parts of my life—the young, outspoken radical lesbian-feminist as well as the older, softer, eclectically-spiritual woman—I found the idea of a second chance extremely appealing. It was a second chance to be fully human, standing in the infinite expansiveness of who I am and loving every bit of it.

It occurs to me now as I think of it that this is where we all are headed during this time of planetary transformation—toward the realization that we are everyone and everything, as well as our unique individual selves. Oneness means that there is no “other.” And this is our “second chance” on Planet Earth to understand that cosmic truth. Legend has it that ancient Atlantis came to an untimely end because the people failed to uphold the higher spiritual laws of oneness. We are at a similar choice point now. That second chance is fully here in our lives every moment of every day, in every breath that we take. Are you looking at your neighbor and seeing your own reflection? Are you looking in the mirror and loving yourself? Is your heart embracing all that you see as part of you? That is unity consciousness. That is why we all incarnated at this time: to look in one another’s eyes and love all that we see, similarities and differences.

Global peace, universal compassion, and loving-kindness are not just pipe dreams articulated by a few Buddhists, shamans, and latter-day flower children. Every human being has the opportunity to live out the potential of this magnificent blue planet full of infinite variations in consciousness. And those moments of living awareness of oneness are available to all of us. The media likes to report violence and catastrophe, entrapping us in fear. Don’t allow yourself to live in that place. Yes, terrible, painful events occur, but other more hopeful realities exist too; they just aren’t reported in the mainstream.

Ultimately, it is love that will energetically shift everything: people reaching out and caring for one another in spite of the dominant social matrix based on separation. And that caring is occurring now, more and more, all around the globe. Individuals of different races, ethnicities, ages, and sexual identities are finding common ground and choosing kindness instead of fear. The new generations are of such mixed heritage and cultural background that they often don’t identify with any one thread but instead embrace it all. Many think in terms of both/and instead of either/or—straight, gay; feminine, masculine; spiritual, political; thinking, feeling—they sense an inclusive world beyond polarity. Look into their eyes and see the future. They are living I AM consciousness, oneness that encompasses all.

When we finally realize with every fiber of our beings that we each embody all parts of humanity, prejudice and hatred will cease to exist, and love will be the planet’s guiding force. So “take a deep breath/this is your [our] second chance.”

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