2012 and Beyond: Radio Interview

On January 31, 2012, I was interviewed by Peter, Barb, and Ric on the Spiritual HelpDesk online radio show. We talked about the energies of 2012 and beyond and how the Great Shift is affecting all of our lives. I also read an excerpt about my trip to Guatemala with the Maya elders from my book Living with Spirit, Journey of a Flower Child. The program is available for listening at this link: http://spiritualhelpdesk.com/2012/01/23/peggy-kornegger/.

One thought on “2012 and Beyond: Radio Interview

  1. i really enjoyed getting Peggy Kornegger’s perspective (see recent interview on Peter Roe’s SpiritHelp blogradio show, Feb 1) on the “2012” period of change we’re in the midst of – it felt expansive, and at the same time very centering. I so appreciated the connections she made between the expanding time period of increased community and collaborative connectedness, and current social movements like the Occupy movement, the flash mobs, etc.Peggy’s ability to integrate and synthesize different ways of thinking has always appealed to me, and here she is, doing again so very well. Glad she’s in my world, experiencing and writing and thinking about these things.
    Dusty Miller

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