Heart and Soul

February is the month of valentines, chocolate, flowers, and romance. Less commercially, we could also call it the month of the heart. Taking that a step further, I would like to suggest that we make February the “Month of Living with an Open Heart”: to live each day from our soul’s perspective, centered in love and compassion for our fellow human beings (all of them, not just partners or friends we send valentines to). Within the transitional energies of 2012 and beyond, we can co-create the world we want to live in, moment to moment.

So, this month, smile and make eye contact with every person you see at work, on the bus, or in the street. Smile from the heart, as if you were encountering a great spiritual master (and indeed you may be). Fill your pockets with bills and change and give generously to every homeless person who asks you for help. Hold the door open for a stranger. Carry a neighbor’s groceries. Call an old friend or family member with whom you have been out of touch. Or just be a listening presence for someone who crosses your path—you might be surprised at how many people just need a sympathetic ear to help them better cope with life’s ups and downs.

This month, count your blessings, and be a blessing in someone else’s life each day. Be grateful. Live fully, your heart overflowing with love. This is your soul’s path in life. It’s not here to find fault or complain; it’s here to experience and evolve, to see wonder and beauty in the ordinary details of the world. This is the miracle of living on Planet Earth, from the soul’s point of view.

If every one of us behaved in each moment as if the person we are interacting with is our most beloved soul-friend, think how wonderful the world would be. Make this month, this year, a time of living with an open heart and soul. For every person is indeed another version of you.

“Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.”–Dalai Lama

One thought on “Heart and Soul

  1. I really loved this! I only got around to reading it this afternoon, but I must have felt this message even before I read it because this morning during my hospice shift, the nurse asked me if I would sit with a man whose “status has just changed” (meaning he was now actively dying). She took me into his room and introduced us, explaining that I would just be sitting with him, not expecting him to talk or answer questions. I had never met him before and knew next to nothing about him. Although I’ve been volunteering at the hospice house in Amherst for around a year and a half, and before that have helped a number of people in transition, this was the first time I sat with someone I knew nothing about who was suddenly very close to death. It was a beautiful experience because I was able to open my heart and just send loving energy to him. Every now & then, he would realize I was sitting with him and I would reassure him, but mostly it was sitting with my full attention focused on this man who was quickly moving towards death. I’m glad I didn’t have anything to read or anything to distract my attention.
    The I came home and read this beautiful blog and knew exactly what you were writing about. I will look for more opportunities like the ones you have so beautifully described.

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