I and We: One Tribe

If you’ve read my recent posts, you may have noticed the recurring theme of oneness. As the energies of these times accelerate and take us along for the ride, it becomes increasingly important to remind ourselves of the consciousness we want to carry forward, as individuals and as a people. Unity consciousness, or oneness, seems to me to be a key focal point in the evolution of a new Earth and a new way of being human.

Large numbers of human beings on this planet live life primarily from the point of view of the ego; “I” consciousness rules. Many people fear losing their individual freedoms within a greater “we” (often seen as “them”). But it’s really all about balance. We become truly free as individuals when we embody freedom within our communities in an ongoing process of receiving and giving: the dance of I and We, which acknowledges the primal connection between self and other.

Enter the Great Shift in humanity’s awareness. Gradually, ideas about sharing, giving back, and “paying forward” are entering the collective consciousness. People are beginning to see their neighbors in all parts of the world as not so different after all. In the aftermath of disasters near or far, we hear countless stories about individuals and groups who have dropped everything to help those in need. It is a time of coming together, of realizing that we are all part of one another.

In the realm of quantum physics, scientists describe a universe in which the smallest particles that make up everything are interconnected in one huge expanding energy field. Spiritual masters throughout history have spoken of a Divine presence that fills and surrounds us in a golden sea of light and love. This “I AM” consciousness has no boundaries; it flows through us all, and within it, there is no separation between I and We. From the point of view of both science and spirituality, then, we are indeed all connected.

As more and more of us awaken to this basic truth, it becomes our joyful responsibility to think and act from a place of spacious oneness, not constricted separateness. We are here to embrace that awareness, to birth a new way of being through living our lives as conscious connected spirit in human form. In the words of will.I.am and the Black Eyed Peas, “We are one, we’re all just people” (“One Tribe”). http://youtu.be/X5E_yFyGDjM

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