Open Doors, Open Windows

What images does the phrase “open doors, open windows” evoke in you? Do you think of summer, when open windows and doors allow the outdoors and indoors to blend into one harmonious experience? When heavy clothes and closed buildings no longer separate us from one another and from our environment? This analogy could be used to describe the times we are living through now, when sharply defined boundaries are beginning to fade as we move more fully into recognition of humanity as one family.

In the past, we have been closed off in the illusion of separateness—nationality, religion, race, age, sexual identity, and belief systems of all kinds. The language we used to express our thoughts or ideas often divided us further. Countries under the spell of nationalist fervor have fought wars with one another for centuries, yet human beings are basically the same, down to their very DNA. Why do we fight and kill our mirror images? Wars have been fought over religion as well, yet if we look closely, all spiritual belief systems stem from the same Source. The Divine does not speak a language of comparison and judgment. Spirit is about love and love alone. “In the light of love,” differences in national origin, spirituality, race, age, sexual identity, and beliefs become interesting facets of human expression, not causes for mistrust and hatred.

Today, as we experience the expansive energies of what has been called the Great Shift, and we ourselves expand, a new world is evolving that is not separated by words or beliefs—one centered in oneness, or unity consciousness. This does not mean all differences will disappear. It just means we are learning how to accept and celebrate our differences instead of fighting wars over them, either physically or ideologically.

So how do we help this energy of inclusiveness to grow and circle the globe? Perhaps by stepping out of judgment in our own lives and seeing others (and ourselves) with compassion. By looking for similarities and appreciating differences. Let’s end separation now and open our hearts to feeling oneness with every friend or stranger who crosses our path. Find one thing you have in common with another person (and one difference you can learn from), and the door will open wider to reveal many more. To quote Walt Whitman: “Unscrew the locks from the doors! Unscrew the doors themselves from their jambs!”


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